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Sunday, 7 October 2018

Data Processing Policy and Privacy Notice

Data Processing Policy and Privacy Notice

In relation to Leigh on Mendip WI, Somerset Federation of WIs

Dated:   7 October 2018

WI Data Protection /MCS Representative:  Helen Gulvin

The WI takes the processing of Members’ personal details very seriously and does its utmost to ensure they are protected.

This document sets out what information the WI holds, why it needs to hold and process it, and how it is protected.

Where “the WI” is referenced this relates to Leigh on Mendip WI, a charity registered with the Charity Commission.

Where “Federation” is referenced this relates to Somerset Federation of WIs, a charity registered with the Charity Commission.

Where “NFWI” is referenced this relates to the National Federation of WIs, an incorporated charity registered with the Charity Commission.

The WI is a membership organisation which holds personal information submitted by its members and by the public who express an interest in joining or the work of the WI.

The WI is a local group run by volunteers for its members.  It is affiliated to the Federation and NFWI as part of a large charitable organisation.

As a membership organisation a contract exists between the member, her local WI, the County Federation and the National Federation. 

The WI also receives requests for information at local, County and National level.  At local level this is, in the main, from women wanting to join, or visit with a view to joining, the local group.

The WI may also hold additional information which enhances the contract but does not form part of it.

The WI ensures that all committee members and ordinary members are aware of their responsibilities under the Data Protection Act and take all reasonable steps to ensure the security of data held and ensure that it is appropriately processed.

The WI takes the use and storage of personal data very seriously.  It will only collect and store information which relates to the WI.  Any information it holds will only be shared with committee members as appropriate.
The WI will never share your information with any third party without your express consent.

This Privacy and Policy Notice will be available at every meeting for members and visitors to review and will be made available on all online platforms used by the WI.

The Federation and NFWI have their own privacy notice which can be seen on the relevant website.

When do we collect information
The WI will collect your contact information upon joining the WI.  It will also ask for your consent for any additional information it wishes to collect.

Lawful Processing
There are 6 lawful bases that are used under GDPR.  The WI uses the following:

1.       Contractual Relationship
Where it is necessary for us to process your personal information in order to fulfil the contract created by your membership.
2.      Legitimate Interests
This basis is used to ensure you, as a member of the WI, are kept up to date on activities and opportunities open to you.  This basis is also used where non-members contact the WI asking for more information.
3.      Consent
Where you have provided your consent for the WI to use your personal data.
4.      Vital Information
If you feel you would like the WI to hold medical details or an emergency contact.

Information held, use and lawful basis
The following will illustrate the information held, how it is used and the lawful basis for holding the information.

Personal Information
Lawful Basis

To identify the member
To send information regarding their membership including WI Life, event tickets, newsletters, etc.
Telephone Number
To contact the member regarding their membership, booked events, meetings.
The WI may also use the telephone number if the member has not attended meetings or is unwell to check on their welfare. 
Legitimate Interest
Email Address
To contact the member regarding their membership, booked events, meetings, newsletters.
To allow access to the member only sections of the NFWI Website
Legitimate Interest

Date of Birth/Birthday
To celebrate the member’s birthday month and/or to celebrate a special milestone birthday.  This may be with cards, flowers or recognition at a meeting.
Photographs of members and events are taken and shared within the group, on websites, in newsletters or on social media.  We may also share photographs in a press release.
Medical Conditions and Emergency Contact
Where a member has a medical condition that they feel their WI should be made aware of, this information will be held in a sealed envelope to be given to a medical professional.  The emergency contact will be used in a medical emergency.
Vital Information


Name, Address, Telephone Number and/or email address
Details held on non-members will vary dependent on the information they provide when making contact.  This information is used to respond to a request for information or to keep them informed of future meetings and events.  Information is not used for any other purpose.
Legitimate Interest

Storing and Security of Data
Data may be held electronically or in hard copy. 

NFWI holds a central database called Membership Communication System (MCS).  This database holds all contact details for members and is used by all levels of NFWI.  The details are also used by WI Enterprises to send the member magazine to all members.  This database is managed within the UK and is subject to stringent security.  It is only accessible by registered MCS Representatives for each local WI, Federation Representatives and National Representatives.  The MCS is managed by NFWI and as such it covered by their privacy policy.

Personal data may also be held in email contact lists

Locally, data may be held in spreadsheet form or in paper copy.  All personal details are kept secure and only shared with members of the committee of the WI to fulfil their role in supporting the contract between the group and the member.

Every effort is made to ensure that personal details are secured in an appropriate manner and only shared on a need to know basis.  All members given access are aware of their responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the information.

Storage of Consent Forms
Consent forms will be filed and kept whilst the member is active.  They will be held in an archive within the WI for 3 years following the end of the membership to ensure that they are available should an information request be received.

Consent forms will be updated on a regular basis to ensure that every member is aware of the consent held and to change or update it as they wish.

The WI has a long history and it is important to maintain this history.  Records may be archived, in line with any relevant consent.  Any material archived is done so under the section 6 Public Interest lawful basis and the section 9 Archiving lawful basis. 

Personal information other than name will not be used in publicly available records.

Rights of Individuals
Every member, lapsed member or non-member has the following rights:

Right to be Informed
This notice informs you what generic information the WI holds, how the WI stores it and what the WI do with the information the WI holds.
Right of Access
You have the right to know what information the WI holds on you.  The WI will respond to requests for information within one calendar month (in line with current legislation).
Right to Rectification
You have the right to request that we correct any inaccurate information.  The WI will respond to all requests within one calendar month.
Right to Erasure
You have the right to request us to erase information held on you.  The WI will respond to this request within one calendar month and confirm what information the WI has erased.
Right to Object
You have the right to object if you feel any of your personal information has been used in a way that you feel is inappropriate.  The WI will respond to requests within one calendar month.
The WI will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible to all requests and work with you to resolve any queries.

Activities outside the Monthly Meeting
The WI runs outings and one-off activities which are in addition to the contractual monthly meeting.

Your contact details will be taken from the member register and passed to the organiser.

This information is required for the WI to fulfil the contract with the member for the activity or group.

If you do not wish your contact details to be passed to the organiser, you must advise one of the WI Officers or your WI Data Protection Representative at the time of booking.  In this situation, it will be your responsibility to make all contact with the organiser for information regarding the activity.  No responsibility is accepted by the WI for contact or information sharing about the activity.

The WI will use all both the following forms to gather and store information

·         NFWI Membership Form
·         Consent Form

Length of Storage and Destruction of Data
As the WI is a charity and has a strong public interest with archiving and documenting the activities of the WI, the WI will not destroy minutes, records of meetings and activities, scrapbooks or other records. 

However, the WI will destroy information held about members contact details or medical details.  The destruction schedule will be as follows:

Financial Information
Seven years in line with legal requirements
Membership Forms
Immediately after entering on MCS
Consent Forms
Three years following the end of membership
Emergency Contact and Medical Information
Upon membership lapse

Updating this privacy notice
This privacy notice will be updated periodically and be available for members and non-members to read.

If the privacy notice is updated in a way that significantly changes how we use your personal information, we will bring these changes to your attention.

Change Log

October 2018 – Initial Preparation by Caroline Harris

Monday, 1 January 2018

Meetings Topic
January 8th The adventures of 007 Rev – licensed to Hatch, Match & Dispatch
February 12th Craft Workshop by Jeni
March 12th Composting – waste not, want not
April 9th The Mendip Hills AONB
May 14th Our AGM and Wendy Worley, Author
June 11th "Cliffhanger" Plays - Magic of the Minack Theatre - and more
July 9th Aloe Vera - Myth or Magic
September 10th The Story of English Country Cheeses with tasting
October 8th Save the Children – Charity
November 12th A Career behind the scenes in TV
December 10th The Life of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, England’s first female physician
Additional Events
3rd February (Sat)  Birthday Lunch at Barbara's house
March 3rd (Sat 2pm) Village Clean up - meet at the Hall
April 30th (Mon 2pm) Women Walk the World
June 16th (Sat) Village fair

2018 Committee
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Minutes Secretary:               Jan Pattison
Treasurer: Caroline Harris
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Monday, 26 December 2016

2017 Programme of Meetings and Events

Meetings Topic
January 9th Midwifery then and now
February 13th Frome FM Radio
March 13th UK Calendar Customs
April 10th Cocktails & Mocktails
May 8th AGM and Social
June 12th Great Barrier Reef
July 10th Horseshoes & Handprints Charity
September 11th History of Mill on the Brue
October 9th The Bath & West Show
November 13th Craft demo/workshop
December 11th Girl Cop 
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29th January (Sun)  Birthday Tea and Cake in the Hall - 3pm (friends and partners welcome)
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April 30th (Sun pm) Women Walk the World
June 17th (Sat) Village fair

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